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EBY Electro is an authorized distributor for Preci-Dip precision pin contact connectors, offering a wide range of desirable features:
Precision pin contacts - high quality, low dimensional tolerances Lengths from 3 to 50 mm
Diameters from 0.25 to 6 mm
Best surface of the mating end for applications requiring high mating cycle count Low initial (tooling) costs and attractive prices for medium and high volume production due to manufacturing on high speed automatic lathes
Wide selection of dimensions and geometry
Contact an EBY Electro tech specialist for the pin contact that best fits your requirements.

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Preci-Dip Contacts brochure - PreciDip-Contacts.pdf (18 Pages / 1.9 Mb) Overview of Preci-Dip contact types including spring loaded, socket contacts, pin contacts and standard clip contact data charts.

Swiss Precision Screw-Machined Pin Contacts
The Preci-Dip socket contact with clip are compatible to all existing machined and stamped pin contacts of same size.

In addition, Preci-Dip proposes "selective plated" bi-bloc pin contact with the high quality of machined contact and the advantages of selective plating.
Double Tail Header Pins Solder Mount PCB Pins
Wire Crimp Pins Wire Solder Cup
PCB Solderless Press-Fit Wire Solder Slotted
Wire-Wrap Pins Wire Solder Turret
Bi-Bloc Pin Contacts
Preci-Dip offers selective plated bi-bloc pin contact with the high quality of machined contact and the advantages of selective plating.
These contacts are made from 2 parts: the contact body with termination and the connecting or mating pin manufactured separately and assembled after plating.


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EBY Electro terminal blocks, wiring blocks and terminal strips include pluggable / depluggable mini-blocks, cage clamp miniblocks, wire-guard terminal blocks, barrier blocks, euro-style europa blocks, screwless mini-blocks and a complete selection of options for custom terminal blocks. EBY supplies Preci-Dip spring loaded and press-fit sockets and components to OEMs around the world.

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